Saturday, March 9, 2013

so hello my lovelies, it's been ages, yes i am aware, but if i remember correctly i left you in suspense as to a newexciting thing that was happening in my life, well its here, he is 11 weeks old tomorrow and his name is Armando Elisao Matozo, my baby boy. He was born december 23rd 2012 i couldnt have asked for a bettter Christmas present :) right now in this moment, my life is good, not perfect but pretty close, my children and i are all getting along, they are happy, i am happy. my husband and i are doing well. we are happy. weve put people out of our lives that werebringing us down weve put new people in our lives that make every day a little better. i thank God every day for my life, my love and my family, i couldnt ask for more, especially when i know there are thise that try so hard to bring us down. this weekend we are in texas at henrys families celebrating my nephew, sister in law and husbands birthdays. i havent got to see all my friends here in town, actually i havent seen any of them and probably wont as were leaving tomorrow but thats ok, well be back soon and have a little more time. right now henry is ouside with hisbrothers and friends having laughs and a good time my boys are out there as well enjoying tgeir uncles and the food that even though it was raining they cooked outside and im in here with my baby boy and thought its been ages and i should update my blog. i want ti keep this up, i know i write that every time and never do but i want to and i shall ateempt to start, i want to share my good times and my bad times with those whod like to share it with me. im going to go ahead abd close this entry as im on my phone and making all sorts of typos and my phone wont cooperate onfixing them, but when we return home ill update and in the mean time, be well :)