Sunday, August 26, 2012

God is Good

So, we heard back from the guy weve been waiting to hear from about a job for henryvand he starts tomorrow morning! Were thrilled, hes nervous but happy, now we just prsy its a permanent job and not just a whenever he needs help. So by the end of next week we could possibly be all moved into this other house! How super fantastic would thst be? Pretty super duper! I went to sunday school and church this morning, it was good. I learn and actually feel like ive gathered new information and life lessons when i walk away, sounds corny, i know but totally true. I enjoy my sunday school and the ladies in it. This will be a short entry as i dont have much to say, except keep your faith, pray HIS will be done, not yours and although msybe not the answer you were looking or waiting for God will deliver and be patient with Him, i know its hard and im not even there as i get tired of waiting to, but i truly believe He will give us what we need :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun Times...

So, yay look whos back? I havent posted in a long time but tons has happened since my last post, the best being thank GOD my mom is out of the hospital and almost back to 100% so thats exciting. The 2nd big thing is a secret to be revealed at a later date, guess that means youll have to keep up with me to find out eh? The 3rd thing being we may be moving very very soon into a 4 but can make it a 5 bedroom house with lots and lots of yard to play in. How exciting is that? Because really, this apt has been nice and definitely a good thing but weve outgrown it, were a bigger family now with bigger needs. So yay for that, those that do read this, keep us in your prayers that this does indeed happen. Next big thing is, the boys started school, Zach is now in 8th grade, holy cow next year he will be in high school! Ethan is a 6th grader, Jadon a 5th and little Henry or as some know him Angelius, he just started 1st grade! Wow they sure are growing. Parker will be 2 in less than 2 months, that within itself is kind of mind blowing! All the school age boys with the exception of Zach are playing football this year and i coulrnt be happier, i love watching them, even sitting in the hundred degree weather i go to every practice, scrimmage and game. Ethan is excelling in football as to be expected, I am positive he can go to college on a svholarship if he just keeps with ut, hes gifted, no doubt. He can play any position they put him in and just does great with it, like hes been playing that position his whole life. Im super excited to see what this season brings. Zach has joined the band, im not sure if he will stick with it, but if he does im curious to see how that goes and where it will take him. Jadon has been taking piano lessons for several months now, he has a gift for music. He already plays like hes been taking lessons for years, im so proud of him. Im positive this will stick with him and take him far, even to college if he stays with it. Henry started football this year and unlike all the previous years, 1st & 2nd grade are tackle football not flag anymore so this should prove interesting. Its so funny watching them, theyre so little but so big. Fall is upon us, even earlier this year than normal it seems, im loving that, fall and spring have to be my favorite times a year, weather wise and fashion wise, well except maybe for the tornadoes in the spring but you know what i meant. Time for hoodies and cardigans, yay indeed. With all that being said, just know that im happier than in the last few posts, and surpridingly not due to medication, as a matter of fact since all that was prescribed i have only taken 3 anxiety pills total and 2 of thise 3 were during tornado season, this is something im going to work out, with God leading me, im not near as stressed or depressed, ive decided my life us a blessing and just as good as anyone elses, my family and i deserve to be happy, so were going to, no matter what others think, say or want. So i leave you with these words of wisdom, be happy, you are blessed. I promise ill try to be more frequent with updates, i know i keep saying that then diappearing for months but i promise ill try :)