Sunday, August 26, 2012

God is Good

So, we heard back from the guy weve been waiting to hear from about a job for henryvand he starts tomorrow morning! Were thrilled, hes nervous but happy, now we just prsy its a permanent job and not just a whenever he needs help. So by the end of next week we could possibly be all moved into this other house! How super fantastic would thst be? Pretty super duper! I went to sunday school and church this morning, it was good. I learn and actually feel like ive gathered new information and life lessons when i walk away, sounds corny, i know but totally true. I enjoy my sunday school and the ladies in it. This will be a short entry as i dont have much to say, except keep your faith, pray HIS will be done, not yours and although msybe not the answer you were looking or waiting for God will deliver and be patient with Him, i know its hard and im not even there as i get tired of waiting to, but i truly believe He will give us what we need :)

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